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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Mini Games


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his is a description of some of the mini games in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Raving Swimming
Rabbids can swim. Beat the other rabbids in a race.
Each time you cross the pool you will master a different stroke and use the Wii Remote in a different way.
Try to be the fastest - whether it's the front crawl, breast stroke or even back stroke!

Washing Underwear
Rabbids are, after all, clean. So they try their best to keep their underwear in good condition.
Slide the Wii Remote and nunchuk up and down to wash the underwear. Move the controls up and hold them to check how the washing is going. Watch out because rabbids may tear up their shorts.

Any given Rabbid (US Football)
Rabbids don't care about the rules, especially in contact sports. Just tackle whoever has the ball to get it. Then run! The other bunnies are coming after you.
Use the nunchuk's stick to control the bunny and shake the Wii Remote to tackle.
Attention, bunnies can tackle anyone, even if they don't carry the ball.

Bicycle Race
How many rabbids does it take to ride a tricycle? One player pedals and the other player controls the bike in this up hill bike race with obstacles. Never mind if you're behind, you can always throw water bottles at the other rabbids.
The player who Pedals moves the Wii Remote and the nunchuk in a circular motion.
The player who Steers holds the Wii Remote in the horizontal position and tilts it left and right to control the bike.

Rabbid burping action. On the top or the "Arc of Triumph", bunnies have a burping contest.
Swing the Wii Remote up and down as fast as you can. Open the bottle with A then tilt the Wii Remote backwards, like drinking a bottle.
The loudest and longest burp wins.

Leaning Tower of Burger
Rabbids have to give a hungry bunny some grub! Watch the huge, tower-style sandwiches swing!
Tilt the Wii Remote like a tray to steer yourself and keep the sandwiches balanced. You hold the A Button to stop and stabilize the burgers!

Fasten your seatbelt before youuu staaaaaaaaaaaart!!!
You follow the gestures shown on screen with the Wii remote to perform acrobatic figures and score insane points breaking everything in your way!

Rabbids have to spit in as many glasses as possible!
You swing the Wii Remote up and down to munch on a carrot. When the rabbit drools, you have to tilt the Wii Remote right and left to swing the spit. You aim at the glasses and spit in them by pressing the A Button.
You score for each glass you spit in… mmm, tasty!

Baseball bunny
Rabbids don't quite understand baseball… The thrower runs toward the striker and jumps! Someone is going to get hurt, for sure…
You shake the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk one after the other to make the bunny run. Then you get into a batting position and use the Wii Remote to strike.

I just called…Cinema
Rabbids give phone calls during a movie!
You hold the Wii Remote at your ear like a cell phone to score points. When the security rabbid comes and checks for rude rabbids, stop calling or you get caught and loose points. While he is watching, you can send text messages to the other bunnies by pressing repeatedly the A button. Their phone will ring and they'll get caught.
Of course, in rabid terms, "getting caught" means "getting crushed with something heavy!!"

Snake Charmer
Snakes on a station! The rabbids wanted to become subway musicians, so why not charm snakes? Keep pressing the right buttons to keep the song going and tantalize the serpent. Be careful if you miss or the snake will bite.

Rolling Stone
Run! The rabbids triggered one of the booby traps from an ancient temple. Now there's a big stone rolling after them. Shake up and down the wii remote and the nunchuk as fast as you can and for as long as you can.

Voodoo Rabbid
Deep in the Caribbean, in the middle of cursed swamps, on an island no one dares to aboard, lay the most fearsome creatures ever seen or heard… DAAAAAAAH! For some reason, the rabbids want to dig holes, but they throw the earth in each other holes and no one gets any deep!
Grasp earth by pointing your hole and holding the A Button, then release at another hole. The deepest hole wins!

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