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The Wii Mii Hitler

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14 January 2007 19:38  Edited by D3CYPH3R on 14-Jan-07 at 20:04 Reply (Quote this message)
seriously, i started playing the find Mii game on Wii play and one of the little guys is now hitler, i have no idea where he came from but it make me laugh all the time seeing him on my screen, i only wish i could take screenshots of him in action!

honest to god's truth i didn't create this myself!


I have a big chopper

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14 January 2007 22:23 Reply (Quote this message)
It's from my wii My brother and his girlfriend made it and set it to "mingle".. so it'll be on everyone on my friends list if they've allowed it.



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14 January 2007 22:29 Reply (Quote this message)
You think he might invade Poland?

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

gameSlave Bike Wrecker

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14 January 2007 23:43 Reply (Quote this message)
we can always wait and see.

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The Wii Mii Hitler
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