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New to plex - TV Shows messed up?

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28 June 2018 15:56 Reply (Quote this message)

Anyway started with my movies and apart from a few films that seemingly haven't showed up that was fairly straight forward. For some reason the godfather 2 and 3 are there but the first one is nowhere to be seen..
But the tv shows are so messed up. Some don't show up when I try to add them others I have say 8 seasons of Dexter but its only added the 3 last episodes from the first season.. Same with Arrow. Have the first 3 season but its only added 14 episodes from the first season.. some its completely recreated new tv shows I haven't even got and put random episodes of friends in there.. What am I missing? How do I sort this out? I have tried adding one TV show season at a time and it just comes up saying something like click here to add files.. Is there something I'm missing?

Please help.

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