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vsphere showing "warning" condition on host memory hardware status?

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I have two DL380 G7 boxes running ESXi 4.1U1. Nothing installed other than the ESXi ISO from the vmware website.
Came in this morning to find one of the boxes showing an alarm in VI Client and an orange LED on the front diagnostic panel for one of the DIMMs. The warning in VI Client is that the error threshold has been exceeded.
So, power host down, check memory, run HP diagnostics, pass, run HP SmartStart firmware up date, clean IML in iLO and reboot into vSphere.
Now, the host hardware all shows green except a persistent "Host Memory Status" alarm, and on the hardware tab it simply says "warning" next to Memory, though everything under that is green.
I've tried resetting the sensors with no change.
I have cases with HP and VMware (lucky bloody me!) as this seems like there may be overlap between what the hardware is reporting and what vmware is seeing.
Has anyone encountered this sort of problem before?

Any help will be apprecited.
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