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Half-Life 2, Doom 3 or BiA ?

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13 July 2004 15:28 Reply (Quote this message)
So which game will kick which games arse this year ?

I think HL2 will stomp all over Doom3.

And BiA I have a feeling will take all COD, RTCW players into a new MP era

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13 July 2004 16:39 Reply (Quote this message)
Hard to say, all Ive played recently is 'realistic' military FPS's so both HL2 and Doom3 should be a breath of fresh air as it were. Until there are some reviews or its installed on my PC its hard to say whether they'll actually deliver.

BiA I'm not sure about, without doubt its gunna be an interesting SP game to look out for, but Ive hear very little about the MP side, you only have to look how many changes CoD has required to see that its not easy to get it right first time. Though the video looked pretty cool so far as the graphics/map/gun sights. Sorta the same with the new MoH game, looks promising but hard to say at the moment. Either could be the next step for CoD players.


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13 July 2004 17:05 Reply (Quote this message)
Each game will have it's own 'MASSIVE' fan-base,But i agree with Felon,HL2 will not only kick arse, it will chew it up spit it out,stamp on it, then set it on fire!.

As for BIA, ill get it just for the SP side, MP!, been there done that, its all the same,IMO



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15 July 2004 12:43 Reply (Quote this message)
I have most of theswe games on pre-order :/

feck knows where I'm gonna find the time.

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18 July 2004 12:59 Reply (Quote this message)
Isnt quake 4 supposed to be released this year aswell?

Half-Life 2, Doom 3 or BiA ?
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