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Problems with CounterStrike

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21 June 2018 16:35 Reply (Quote this message)

Apologies if this has already been beaten to death. I checked the first 2 pages and didn't see anything related.I bought HalfLife over the weekend and downloaded the latest update (1108) and the 1.3 version of CS. The problem is that once I start the game, if I hit escape to go to the menu, the screen goes blank. If I hit Esc again, I can keep playing, but to quit the game I have to use Task Manager.
Duron 850 on Iwill KK266R (Via 4in1 4.33)
Leadtek GeForce2 Pro 32Meg (Det 4 21.81)
Windows 2000 Pro SP2
I'm using Direct3d at 1280x960 (same res as my desktop). I had originally tried OpenGL, but I had problems with it only displaying in part of the screen. The documentation on display settings is sparse and I'm a little confused as to what combination to use. Also, when I tried to connect to the Ars server this evening (port 27015) I got an error "You're not on my list." What does that mean??

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