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mw3 sp worth getting?

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10 October 2011 11:27 Reply (Quote this message)

that looks like a fun 4 hours...not sure if im gonna get it tho

you guys getting it?



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10 October 2011 20:11 Reply (Quote this message)
Not for me, given up on CoD completely I'm afraid.

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14 October 2011 19:19 Reply (Quote this message)
I'll rent it.



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09 November 2011 17:22 Reply (Quote this message)
I played quite a bit of MW2, but this seems far too similar to it. Few more game modes, shorter campaign, same engine... Not exactly enticing.

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10 November 2011 19:47 Reply (Quote this message)
I don't play the MP so I got it purely for the SP campaign and co-op mode. Got it for £25 from Tesco with some points. Graphics are shocking after playing BF3.


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30 December 2012 03:41  Edited by KiwiSteve on 30-Dec-12 at 03:42 Reply (Quote this message)
I think that is not so bad.

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12 February 2018 11:55 Reply (Quote this message)
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mw3 sp worth getting?
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