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Counter-strike: Global Offensive

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13 August 2011 22:13 Reply (Quote this message)
Valve have announced a new Counter-Strike, CS:GO or Global Offensive. More news here.

Valve's answer to try and compete against CoD and BF I guess. Apparently this new CS is not based on 1.6 or Source. It has a new feel, new maps, new weapons, new game modes, etc.

Coming out for consoles and PC. Question is, are they aiming it more towards console players like Condition Zero for the first Xbox? Or is it a geuine PC shooter.

More news soon according to that link and they'll be showing off images and videos at the end of the month.



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15 August 2011 09:26 Reply (Quote this message)
Have to be honest, I'm so over Counter-Strike it's untrue. I doubt I'll even keep an eye on this and certainly won't be buying it.

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15 August 2011 23:45 Reply (Quote this message)
i think it will be pants.


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22 August 2011 12:04 Reply (Quote this message)
tbh 1.6 is still competitive.

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26 August 2011 10:54 Reply (Quote this message)
the trailer for it looks pretty good.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive
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