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Sniper Elite

Scottish Tart

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26 August 2009 13:59 Reply (Quote this message)
Anyone got the old Sniper Elite game for the PC? Been playing the multiplayer with grant, maz and liam and its so much fun. If you fancy digging it out for a blast then let us know and we can get a game sorted, or if you fancy getting it, its only £8.99 on steam.


gameSlave Tart

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31 August 2009 10:03 Reply (Quote this message)
My Hard drive decided to blow up the other day, which is why I haven't been on. Was tempted to join you guys... but its Bank hol weekend so no deliveries for me!

Bring Back shoutbox!

gameSlave Bike Wrecker

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31 August 2009 13:32 Reply (Quote this message)
owned... when you get your new hdd give us a shout, you still have the vent details i gather

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01 September 2009 17:51 Reply (Quote this message)
Post vent details!

Sniper Elite
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