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Dice gives details on 1.5 Patch due out in early 2009

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Here is another update on the upcoming patch. This a concise version of a Total Battlefield interview with DICE in Sweden:

The map, the name not yet released, accompanying the Patch 1.5 is designed to be intense like Karkand, but huge in a Chinese setting. DICE is putting the finishing touches on the BF2 1.5 Patch Beta which is due out early this next year.

Aerial combat between the J10 and the F35 is being balanced by the reducing the turning ability of the J10. BF2 server security and stability are being enhanced and a new account verification process to reduce name/ID spoofing will be included in the Patch. In addition, the developers are closing off some of the hacks to employ improper commander assets.

DICE is always looking to push the limits in game developing. One example is Battlefield's 64 player limit which is still one of the largest player counts on FPS servers. The minimum specifications required for a computer system to successfully run a video game will always be increasing. We want to make sure as many people as possible get to experience and enjoy our games. Our next release will not be at Battlefield 2 minimum specification levels, but it also won't demand the highest-end machine on the market either.

DICE is not ruling out a future release with a World War I, World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War theme. They are looking at the conflict with the biggest appeal to their core players. They "try to listen to their players..." PC gaming and Battlefield are a big part of DICE's history and they intend to "remain faithful to the roots of Battlefield."

There are new features planned for future releases which include new first person animation and destructible scenery. Typically, first person views are camera pivots. In Mirror Edge by DICE, they used a more organic/natural movements.

The interviewer from Total Battlefield phrased a questioned specifically mentioning Sir Community, Project Reality, and Forgotten Hope asking of their impact on the Battlefield series. DICE responded, "The modding community has been a massive boost to Battlefield ove the years ..." Battlefield 2142 included content from modders one of which was Sir Community. "The modding community is an area we would like to support more in the future."

To read the whole Total Battlefield interview by Ideaeus, go to:



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I wonder how my buddies over in SiR are doing these days.. its been a while since i played/spoke with any of them

Same goes for Codjumper i guess

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