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Weapon Selection Tools

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15 November 2008 14:42  Edited by SWFrecruitment on 15-Nov-08 at 14:44 Reply (Quote this message)
The first matrix below provides a comparison of BF2 Weapon Unlocks. On your promotion to the next rank, you can use this matrix to assist in making the decision on which two weapons to unlock. If you already have all the weapons unlocked, you use the matirix to decide which weapon to fight with on the battlefield.

8 projectiles come out of the shotguns. Thus the (x8)

The M95 Sniper Rifle can shoot through helicopter glass. Thus the "+"

This next matrix identifies the equipment that comes with each kit. It not only shows the basic BF2 equipment, but the equipment that comes with each kit in the Special Forces Expansion Pack.

This next chart provides damage, accuracy, reload times, and more information for all the primary weapons.


These are all brought to you by the Spartan War Fighters clan and the last one was produced by [DUCKS] Black_Duck_1

We'll see you on the Battlefield!


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what.The.Hell ? Isn't Battlefield 2 dead yet ? If not... why are you showing people unlocks seeing as nearly everyone who has the game will have all the unlocks ? I doubt there's many new players showing up.

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