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Why I don't play on Xbox live


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12 March 2008 19:35 Reply (Quote this message)

One reason being the american obsession with the word "faggot", another being bloody kids year olds.

Have both...

I realise this happens in PC gaming as well, but it's 100% worse on Xbox live. Some parents are total morons for letting their kids play these games...

Woof, I'm a clown!


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12 March 2008 20:31 Reply (Quote this message)
I hated Xbox Live, it massively hastened me getting rid of that piece of noisy crap.

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

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12 March 2008 22:20 Reply (Quote this message)
LOL if only that was an isolated case, id sat 70% of ppl on XBl are like that idiot


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16 April 2008 09:36 Reply (Quote this message)
I just don't bother speaking unless i'm with my friends or my clan. Usually as soon as they hear my accent it's like blood in the water!

"You want to make enemies? Try to change something."
Why I don't play on Xbox live
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