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Glory of the Roman Empire Review
In GotRE, you have the honour of being an up and coming town governor, your task is to provide your citizens with their every need, a thankless tasks this can be if your town planning is not up-to scratch, bunch of god damn arsonists! That's right; your underlings will pretty much burn down your whole town if you don't keep them supplied with the goods or services they require, ungrateful I thought. At least it does provide you with a decent barometer of your Roman city planning skills, if your settlements are constantly burning down then its clear that Mayor Quimby of Springfield would probably do a better job.
Read the full article, Glory of the Roman Empire Review. By Craig Dudley on 09-Jul-06
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Posts: 2846
Post rank 5 out of 5
09 July 2006 22:36
I find the slave aspect quite amusing. Imagine having slaves in sim city!

Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
10 July 2006 16:13
sounds like a solid game, and as a student of classics i do enjoy a bit of Roman fun sadly i don't think i have time to become addicted to city games at the moment

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