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Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers Review
Ten Hammers is once again set in Zekistan, a fictional place with an odd resemblance to another Middle Eastern country currently experiencing military operations. The main plot revolves around a young Officer leading his troop into the northern province of Khardiman, where US forces have come under attack. And so it falls on you to ride in like the cavalry and save the day. As expected with a new game, the environments look realistic, with all manner of burnt out cars, cinder blocks and ox carts strewn around in an odd, tactically advantageous way. The characters in the game are generally animated well, with few clipping errors, and a very respectable frame rate.
Read the full article, Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers Review. By Fred Drewitt on 01-Jul-06
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Posts: 6957
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01 July 2006 00:57
Third person games just don't really do it for me, I just gotta have full control!!

Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
01 July 2006 02:11
Really nice first review, though the score seems a little high compared to the comments in the review

Not my sort of game.

Posts: 2093
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04 July 2006 00:49
Pitty its now OIBUA (operations in a built up area) and not FIBUA (fighting in a built up area)

it has to do with "olitical correctness" the army got told to drop FIBUA and refer to it as OIBUA about 6months back

stupid imo and everyone still uses Fibua when outside of lessons/ earshot of the officers

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05 July 2006 18:58
Cheers for the comments & feedback guys. Its one of those games you either love or hate i seem to have noticed, rather like ground control.

Aye Maz that is true, i vaguly remember being told that at OTC a while back. I think the notice is probably still caught up in the great bureaucracy that is the army somewhere. Bit like when they dropped search and destroy really..

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