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Playstation 3 at E3 2006
Perhaps the two most impressive titles were Assassin's Creed and Heavenly Sword. Assassin's Creed is a stealth/assassination game from Ubisoft, that looks crisp and clear. The game will apparently feature sandbox-style game-play similar to the Grand theft Auto series. The player will control Altair - an assassin, armed with a wrist blade, an unconcealed sword at his side, and his trusty crossbow. More impressive is the bustling city atmosphere in the game. Packed with people, crowds and guards will respond and notice you by how hard you push through them. Definitely a game to watch.
Read the full article, Playstation 3 at E3 2006. By James Barlow on 22-May-06
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Posts: 2826
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23 May 2006 07:50
Surely Heavenly Sword is just 'God of War' in another form ? Or am I missing something ?

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23 May 2006 18:09
i think it's closer to dynasty warriors than god of war

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