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Xbox 360 at E3 2006
A large number of trailers were available on the web and added to Xbox Live Marketplace during the week. I won't even attempt to a full list, just have a look yourself. As a Tony Hawk's fan who, like many, was disappointed by the recently iteration this video is looking very nice indeed. Gears of War, Stranglehold, Prey have nice trailers to check out. Videos of Fable 2 and Halo 3 shown during the conference both look promising as well. Added to the Marketplace where two new demos, MotoGP'06 and Lost Planet. I gave both a play and considering I'm not a fan of motorbike games I shall just comment on the graphics which didn't impress me. Lost Planet however looked great and was fun to play, so defiantly worth checking out.
Read the full article, Xbox 360 at E3 2006. By James Witherow on 20-May-06
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20 May 2006 16:44
Nice report Jim. MS are clearly in a strong position, Sony will have some catching up to do.

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20 May 2006 16:48
Yeah, 360 is looking like a much better buy than it did 5 months ago.

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