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Nintendo Wii at E3 2006
Nintendo confirmed that some N64 games will have upgraded Wii controller support. There will be a classic-style controller available, most likely for use with these old games too. A 'gun-cradle' will also be sold, a cradle which you slot your Wii remote into, allowing you to use it as a light gun style device. An updated Duck-Hunt was also playable. Different coloured versions of the Wii remote were on display behind glass, most likely indicating that the console will be available in a range of colours other than the pearl-white ones on display.
Read the full article, Nintendo Wii at E3 2006. By James Barlow on 20-May-06
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Posts: 2826
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21 May 2006 05:00
really REALLY want one of these consoles, I can't wait for the release. Nice update on the E3 status

Posts: 204
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22 May 2006 18:34
Also, as soon as lucasarts heard about the controller they decided they would make a star wars game using the controler like a light sabre which will be GREAT. i cant wait till they release this thing (well, apart from the name)

Posts: 1740
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22 May 2006 19:35
it'll certainly be fun by the looks of it =]

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