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NBA 2K6 Review
Aesthetically, the 360 version of NBA 2K6 ramps up the visual standard against that already seen in the current-gen offerings on PS2 and Xbox; player animations and facial captures are all typically realistic and well produced (as is the norm these days), and picking out international stars in full flow, such as Dirk Nowitzki, Yao Ming, and Kobe Bryant always seems to prompt one of those appreciative 'point and laugh' moments-though the laugh is purely involuntary, you understand.
Read the full article, NBA 2K6 Review. By Stevie Smith on 17-May-06
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Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
18 May 2006 00:03
Another class review Mr.Smith!

Posts: 6957
Post rank 5 out of 5
18 May 2006 00:35
Agreed, shall pick it up if I ever get time to play any xbox 360 games

Posts: 1655
Post rank 4 out of 5
18 May 2006 09:15
I liked the demo but not interested in buying it as it's not really my sorta game. That said the review sounded good.

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