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Fire Department 3 Review
Monte Cristo have clearly gone to a lot of effort to produce natural and realistic fire dynamics. The system was apparently developed in conjunction with actual fire fighters, and the game uses a very sophisticated fire model to faithfully recreate the behaviour of fire. Once an object has ignited, the spread and intensity of the flames are determined by many factors - wind can change the direction of a fire, increasing its intensity and spread, while landscape can increase or hamper a fire. Smoke is also an enemy. Moving much quicker than the fire, it often is the first indication of a much greater threat
Read the full article, Fire Department 3 Review. By James Barlow on 15-May-06
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15 May 2006 12:19
err lol. Good work actually being able to write a review about such a game...the screenshots remind me of scenes in Sim City though where the Fire Brigade is needed.

Posts: 2696
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15 May 2006 16:23
aye fantastic review as always m8, pity the game is a load of balls

Posts: 2826
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15 May 2006 16:41
good review.

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24 December 2008 12:21
That review is WRONG! This game is brilliant and deserves a 7! I played the demo (I haven't bought it yet) and it is BRILLIANT. The graphics are SO FANTASTIC MY GRAPHICS CARD NEARLY EXPLODED FROM OVERLOAD! (I am going to buy another graphics card before I actually buy the game)

Posts: 1971
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24 December 2008 12:38

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