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Doom3 Review
Now and again however, you will come across a small map which is a little different, a few jaunts outside on to the Martian surface, into reactor cores or other places with more open areas, but it simply doesn't happen enough for me. The one exception to this is the Hell level, some stunning level design, fantastic artwork and some really quite fun sections, it's a pity this is only a small section of the game.
Read the full article, Doom3 Review. By Craig Dudley on 10-Sep-04
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10 September 2004 23:17
Well ive said this before but ill say it again. iD developed a game engine for resale, and then spent a bit of time making a nice demo to show it off.

No doubt for years to come we will have game after game based on this engine, and some of them might even be worth playing.

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11 September 2004 09:20
Game was good for about 3-4 hours playing time, then it got repetitive and boring and samey.

Nice review though

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13 September 2004 12:42
Completed it this weekend. And when I say weekend, I mean weak-end. I'd like to say I was stunned by what I had to do to finish the game...but I can't. Because I wasn't.

I hope there are some good direct mods. I don't care how many games come out using the engine, I paid for THIS game, dammit, and I want my money's worth.

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01 October 2004 15:30
I've always said this game is crap and i would just like to say it again... Nice graphics though, im sure they will make a mint off selling the engine

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