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Auto Assault Review
When entering one of the many cities in the game-world, you are exited from your vehicle and able to run around on foot. You'll spend a lot of time in the cities crafting items and learning new skills. The craft system is confusing to say the least, all of the icons in your inventory are pretty hard to remember mainly due to the fact that there is about 10 of each type of item. Add the fact that each of these items can be 'refined' into purer versions of themselves and there's a whole lot to remember when you're trying to find something that you need. To take advantage of the scrap littering the game world you can learn to master a few different trades, from Weapon creation to armour and Chassis building. Again these are pretty confusing, requiring to you train up levels first and with no real indication of which things will increase your skill the fastest.
Read the full article, Auto Assault Review. By Grant Wilson on 06-May-06
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06 May 2006 10:46
sounds interesting, nice review

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