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Burnout: Revenge Review
Graphically Burnout Revenge is exactly what you'd want - not too fussy or prim, plenty of blur and sunshine streaming across the skies...and lots of cars to bash and crash at will. Since you'll be driving at a fair lick the graphics don't really need to be particularly beautiful BUT...they are! Admittedly, I wouldn't say that they graphics are a massive leap from the original Xbox version of the game but there are other things like, for example, the crash damage and debris, that are so well done that it's well worth the upgrade.
Read the full article, Burnout: Revenge Review. By Paul Lowton on 29-Mar-06
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Posts: 2846
Post rank 5 out of 5
29 March 2006 12:19
I love burnout, nice review (if only i had a 360 to enjoy the fullness of the graphics)

Posts: 1185
Post rank 4 out of 5
29 March 2006 13:44
Will be the first title i buy after i get a HDTV and a 360.. .$$$...... yawn....

Posts: 1971
Post rank 4 out of 5
02 April 2006 20:59
Nice review dude. I'll be buying it when I got a spare few bob... (or friggin £50!)

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