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Bizarre Creations Interview
I see that Project Gotham Racing 3 has been selected as a World Cyber Games 2006 title. I have mixed feelings about professional gaming myself but would you like to share any thoughts on how you think this level of competition will effect console gaming?

It can only be a good thing in my opinion! It's a nice concentrated event where the best can share their interests and tips, as well as play against each other to hone their skills. It's a social event as much as a gaming one, and I'm all for it!
Read the full article, Bizarre Creations Interview. By James Witherow on 02-Mar-06
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03 March 2006 00:05
I think its narrowminded not to develop patches.
Half the console games shipped are unfinished/rushed. At least with a PC version u have the possibility of a patch. Patches can really only improve things (well most of the time )

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03 March 2006 01:14
Console games are a different beast, I tend to agree with him tbh. Adding extra content is a different matter.

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