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UberSoldier Preview
Let's get the geeky stuff out of the way first then, physics are becoming a requirement in PC games these days and UberSoldier isn't deficient in this respect either, blow a hole in a gas cannister and it will whizz about spewing out gas until it goes bang, blow one up in a pile of boxes an the boxes fly all over the room, you know the story and it's all good fun. We do unfortunately see the return of that most overused prop, the exploding barrel, at least the fire looks pretty.
Read the full article, UberSoldier Preview. By Craig Dudley on 27-Jan-06
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27 January 2006 17:03
Looks like we shall still have to wait and see for final product

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27 January 2006 22:30
Where's the gameSlave's regualars private link to ur demo craig?

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