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Age of Empires III Q&A
I can imagine that trying to create a follow up in such a popular series of games can be quite stressful, did you have any specific worries before the game shipped?

Greg: We worried a lot about how to innovate while staying true to the heart of the Age series. Many of the earlier features we tried were pretty different, but frankly a lot of them weren't all that fun either. When we had iterated on an idea for too long and weren't getting anywhere, we usually went back to what worked in our previous games. We knew our iterative design process makes great games, but we knew it could take a long time (and it did).
Read the full article, Age of Empires III Q&A. By Ben Atkinson on 18-Dec-05
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19 December 2005 00:13
can't say i got into this game like the original, but i'm sure there are many who did enjoy it.

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19 December 2005 15:51
I don't read manuals, im a man

Posts: 2346
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20 December 2005 10:29
Ben is a noobie!

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20 December 2005 21:32
spellcheckers ftw !

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