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X3 Reunion Review
X3: Reunion is simply stunning to look at, occasionally it's almost breath taking. I find it hard to fly over a planet that has an Earth like atmosphere and see it's weather formations sliding across the globe without just sitting back and admiring, it really will remind you of all that Space Shuttle or Mir footage that almost brings a tear to your eye. There's a definite wow factor anyway
Read the full article, X3 Reunion Review. By Craig Dudley on 23-Nov-05
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Posts: 921
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23 November 2005 09:45
Good review Mani , well summarised . I started to play the story but being familiar with X2 the lure of playing a broke assassin with a half decent fighter from the start was to great for me & so I set about ridding space of Pirates & Kha'ak ( well till my PC needed a rebuild & I lost my save games ) . As a space sim it is truly great ... I am a war lord as opposed to a trader so my 1st goal was to buy a M3 class & then kit it with fighters max out the shields & weapons then look for a scrap

Posts: 2846
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23 November 2005 14:49
Looks like im gonna have to buy it then, bah money money money, Well the £600 off the government will help

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23 November 2005 17:12
aye damn good review m8 and i tottaly agree with the break taking moments of seeing the atmosphere on a planet. Stunning game

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29 November 2005 15:06
I had never even heard of the X games It sounds a bit like freelancer but bigger and more complicated. Or am i getting it totally wrong?

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29 November 2005 15:09
your not far off.

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