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Deus Ex Human Revolution Review
Deus Ex Human Revolution ReviewNaturally, me being the stealthy, silenced pistol-type player, I chose the stealth enhancement pack, and the 'glass shield' cloaking system -heavy on the batteries, but ideal for staying unnoticed. Deciding how to tackle what's put in front of you is the core aspect of HR, and every objective you're tasked with can be solved in any number of ways.
Read the full article, Deus Ex Human Revolution Review. By Andy Hemphill on 21-Sep-11
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24 September 2011 10:47
Really dont like this game. It touts itself as being able to be played any way you like and having loads of ways to complete your objectives, but they obviously spent the majority of the time catering to the stealth aspect of the game, if you want to play it just as a normal shooter then it feels a bit wank.

If you sign up to OnLive's UK service you can buy it for a quid tho, so not all bad.

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