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Dragon Age 2 Review
Dragon Age 2 ReviewI'm a BioWare fan, undoubtedly. From the brilliance of Mass Effect to the twisted tale of Knights of the Old Republic, the venerable developers can do no wrong. So when I say that I wish they'd spent a little more time on Dragon Age 2, you know how disappointed I am.
Read the full article, Dragon Age 2 Review. By Andy Hemphill on 22-Mar-11
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22 March 2011 22:14
ordered this last night after finishing the first, cant wait for it. i dont get where your coming from about wanting to have to mess about with loot tho, i found having to find vendors all the time to offload the inventory full of shit equipment an annoyance. same with the change from ME1 to ME2, rather than having 5million slight upgrades to gear everytime you kill an enemy, have fewer (more substantial) upgrades. im glad its got the mass effect style dialouge system, thats probably the most immersive change to a genre in a long time. playing an rpg with a mute player character and walls of text feels like playing half a game in comparison.

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22 March 2011 23:20
Yeah, the plot isn't as thrilling, but having a character with a voice makes all the difference. There's nothing like putting down a haughty elf with a witty rebuke

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