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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ReviewThe multiplayer is simply brilliant. There are three modes: Wanted, which is every man for himself, team-based Manhunt and Alliance, which gives you a team-mate to work with. The basic premise is to hunt your assigned target, while evading up to four other Templars assigned to hunt you.
Read the full article, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review. By Andy Hemphill on 06-Dec-10
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06 December 2010 18:48
Brilliant game this! Absolutely love it! Single-player is quality - going for 100% completion atm, going through all the missions I didn't 100% sync. So some replay value. Multi-player is something completely new and fresh, enjoying it also. My AC:B official collector's edition strategy guide came through the post today, question is, do I wait till Christmas for it? LOL.

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