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Cross Racing Championship 2005
The gameplay in CRC is what turns what could have been an average game into a very good one, it's just so easy to pick up and play, a case of install it, bind your keys and bobs your uncle so to speak. On the other hand if you want to play it as a realistic sim racing game you can as well, as is obvious the game supports steering wheels and as is to be expected you get plenty of option to set your sensitivity etc. However if your'e like me, you will everything on auto with steering, clutch and braking assistance turned on, I'm no hardcore driving game fan as you can tell, fortunately CRC 2005 isn't all about being hardcore.
Read the full article, Cross Racing Championship 2005. By Shane Lacey on 02-Nov-05
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03 November 2005 11:50
As Long as there's suped up Nova's Shane will be happy!

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03 November 2005 11:54

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