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Dante's Inferno Review
Dante's Inferno ReviewOur hero, Dante, has messed up. As a soldier in the Crusades he was called up to purify the 'heretics' who had the gumption to believe something other than Christianity -a simple task for a man like him - but he never bargained on Beatrice. Dante's lover, and a suspicious maiden to be sure, Beatrice made a deal with Lucifer - If Dante remained true to her on his mission the devil would bring him back alive, but if he got a little frisky with some slave girl the devil could have Beatrice's soul, forever.
Read the full article, Dante's Inferno Review. By Andy Hemphill on 24-Feb-10
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24 February 2010 10:17
Always a shame when thing start well and peter out. Should of spent a couple of months more on it.

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