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Bioshock 2 Review
Bioshock 2 ReviewAs well as the battle inside Rapture, the game also makes great use of your Big Daddy-issue diving suit, with several sections set outside on the sea floor or inside ruptured sections of the city. These moments, while a break from the action, are eerily tranquil (despite the bodies drifting past you), and offer another angle of Andrew Ryan's creation. The graphics and sound have had an overhaul for this new journey under the sea, showing the grime of the decomposing corpse of the city in all its brutal glory.
Read the full article, Bioshock 2 Review. By Andy Hemphill on 16-Feb-10
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17 February 2010 20:07
Good review matey, as per.

I agree with you, does all seem a bit too familiar, but you do start unveiling some new additions as you get further into the game. Like the new guns and plasmids. All be it, not a massive amount of new features. Still finding the researching a pain, lol.

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