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Risen Review
Risen ReviewTo be fair though, the game does get a little better once you eventually get past the opening half-hour and into the main meat of the plot. The various factions and punters that ply their trades in the towns and villages of Farranga have loads of missions for you to do, ranging from (dozens) of errand-boy 'go here - get that' missions to more interesting raids into temples and dungeons, allowing you to get your hands on some neat weapons and armour, and really customise your character to your liking.
Read the full article, Risen Review. By Andy Hemphill on 23-Oct-09
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Posts: 6957
Post rank 5 out of 5
23 October 2009 15:49
If you'd been playing it with a keyboard and mouse on a PC, what score would you have given it Andy?

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23 October 2009 20:05
That's a tricky one to answer. The menu system really seemed like it was designed to be played using a keyboard and mouse, and I don't know what the PC versions' graphics and gameplay are like, so I can't answer clearly. But I certainly think the PC version would suit the game better, so I expect the score would have been a bit higher.

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