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The Last Remnant Review
The Last Remnant ReviewThe game centres on the absurdly typical Square Enix character of Rush Sykes, a boy of about 16 with a horrible mewling voice that makes me want to punch him. He is chasing after his sister, who has been kidnapped by some bad guys and ends up being dragged into a massive political battle between a strange entity known as the Conqueror and various factions who are battling for control of the 'Remnants', strange items left on the planet by forces unknown.
Read the full article, The Last Remnant Review. By Andy Hemphill on 25-Nov-08
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29 November 2008 13:08
Hmm, I heard that the battles are supposed to be really fun and quite depthy the further into the game you go. Apparently the game feels a little unfinished and if it had more time, it could have been a really fantastic game. Shame about the tech issues, sounds like this is a bit of a marmite. I think I'm going to get this anyway as what I've heard of the battle system and story, it sounds really good.

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