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Winter Assault Review
Generally, Winter Assault plays just like Dawn of War did but with the addition of the new race and a new unit for each of the other races. Add some slight balance tweaks and you just get more fast paced, ultra violent madness which requires skill, speed and most importantly, a strategy. It really is not a surprise that the World Cybergames will be using Dawn of War this year. However, if you're like me and playing a game in the world championships isn't your thing, then there are still plenty of skill levels, races to choose from and a large number of maps to play, both in skirmish games and against your mates.
Read the full article, Winter Assault Review. By Craig Dudley on 02-Oct-05
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Posts: 2346
Post rank 5 out of 5
03 October 2005 09:42
This game does look good but I never did think much of the original game, some of them screenshots look mental though.

Posts: 921
Post rank 3 out of 5
10 October 2005 17:05
I just ordered it form Play they have a great deal atm where you get the original & the patch for a 1p under £25. One of my family lent me DOW & I still to this day play it even though I am a FPS type. I just like the focus on tactics as opposed to resource gathering. The voice acting, music score & SFX just make it easy to get engrossed ... especially fond of the solid bone crunching effects of the battles. Will report on my opinion of the expansion once I have played it but my play style with the Space Marines was always defensive & so the Imperial Guard look to be a great race for me to play .

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