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Far Cry 2 Review
Far Cry 2 ReviewHowever, despite all the praise I’ve heaped upon it, the game does suffer a few minor flaws: missions are repetitive, and taking on the constant stream of enemies, guard posts and armed patrols can get irritating when you just want to travel to your next job.
Read the full article, Far Cry 2 Review. By Andy Hemphill on 03-Nov-08
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08 November 2008 17:12
Good review!

I bought this a while ago and have put in a few hours. For some reason its not gripped me though and I'll put other games first. I started and finished Dead Space while playing this game once. After finishing Dead Space I went onto Naruto: UNS instead of going back to FarCry 2 Not quite sure why I'm not so bothered with it tbh, maybe the more non-linear the game is the more it really does put me off.

I'm sure I'll get back into it some time though. From what I've seen of it so far, it's definitely worth an 8, I just have a really ****ing small attention span haha

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09 November 2008 19:58
Im hooked on it even tho its a little repetative at time, but i just got on to the second map and its starting to realy kick off , got gears 2 yesterday but ont want to try it until i have done this as i dont weant to lose intrest.

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10 November 2008 10:31
Thanks for the comments guys, i'm in Leboa Sako too Reo, loving it atm. Just snuck on top of a rock outcropping and surgically destroyed a truck filled with nitro while the rebels tried to put out a fire I started on the other side of the camp- awesome.

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