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Belief & Betrayal Review
Belief & Betrayal ReviewThe plot isn't much better. As well as being a terrible rip off of Dan Brown's work, the plot, which revolves around some religious sect that has the answers to life, the universe and everything, makes little or no sense. The characters unravel the story with the aid of long cutscenes and simple pop-up graphics that take ages to play out, and their voices are so grating that I tended to click my way through the cutscenes and read Danter's diary to figure out what I just skipped.
Read the full article, Belief & Betrayal Review. By Andy Hemphill on 24-Jul-08
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26 July 2008 23:34
This is what I meant when I said rip a game to shreds mate !

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26 July 2008 23:56
Haha, i'm glad you approve. This one really did deserve it.

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