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Civilization Revolution Review
Civilization Revolution ReviewThis is 'pick up and play' Civ at its best… and I haven't got to the best bit yet - multiplayer. While the single player is entertaining, the early difficulty levels are too easy and the higher ones too hard. Replay value becomes an issue, which is resolved in part by a Game of the Week feature - a game scenario which you can download each week and compete with other gamers to score the highest single-player score. It's good for a while, but online is where the real fun is to be had.
Read the full article, Civilization Revolution Review. By Craig Laycock on 27-Jun-08
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Posts: 1198
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27 June 2008 14:37
Why is Harry Enfield on the cover? lol

Posts: 6957
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27 June 2008 14:44
hehe, it does look like him too.

Posts: 530
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27 June 2008 20:46
Nice review Craggy! Personally i love Blownapart's expression: "haw haw haw, sit ye on my finger and spinneth haw haw haw"...

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