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SteelSeries S&S Review
SteelSeries S&S ReviewAt first it most definitely felt a little too "skiddy" but after a week or so it becomes second nature. The precision you get from the pad is something else; there is a great balance between smooth gliding and friction, it's incredibly easy to swiftly move side to side while still maintaining precise accuracy with small movements.
Read the full article, SteelSeries S&S Review. By Scott Smith on 12-Feb-08
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Posts: 6957
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12 February 2008 20:10
SP review coming soon, reckon it's slightly more refined than this little fella.

Posts: 346
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13 February 2008 00:03
ive never seen the point but then ive never tried one.
I dont use any mouse mat. laser mice made them redundant didnt they?

Posts: 6957
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13 February 2008 00:39
lol no ;-)

Try a good mouse mat and you'll be amazed

Posts: 1740
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13 February 2008 21:05
informative, as ever - SS are one of my top brands on PC, never had a product yet that hasn't delivered

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