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Requital Review
Requital ReviewTry to stray off the main paths through the wilderness, though, and you're confronted by a veritable army of invisible walls that stop you from going about 50 feet beyond the main thoroughfare. Any fantasies of roaming the land as a mad, angry adventurer bent on revenge are quashed when you descend into the forest and find that you can't actually go anywhere. Also, compared to the global-scale environments of titles like World of Warcraft or Oblivion, the world of Requital feels more like a village: there's only about 10 destinations with little space to manoeuvre outside of these.
Read the full article, Requital Review. By Mike Jennings on 10-Nov-07
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Posts: 6957
Post rank 5 out of 5
10 November 2007 11:15
I'm not the biggest fan of RPG's anyway so I'm clearly never touching this

Posts: 55
Post rank 1 out of 5
10 November 2007 19:19
Sounds horrible and I'll certainly be taking Mikes advice - but I would come to the defence of one-click combat as *always* a horible thing. Diablo II still stands up nicely, and thats basically point-and-click, no?

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15 November 2007 02:22
uhuh... reads like nwn2 played... no freedom, dreadful graphics, lots of logic errors and your all day fantasy crap. at least it seem they got the interface right, which nwn2 surley didn't. i wonder why this game has such a bad score, while nwn2 is treated so much better, when it's really nothing else than this one. from the screenshots i'd prefer requital over nwn2 any time.

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