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Blitzkrieg 2 Liberation Review
Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation is a fine tactical title. Graphically, it's an attractive, atmospheric world, and the all round presentation - both visually and aurally - is top-notch. It's well designed, well-researched, and educational to boot. It's also incredibly difficult.
Read the full article, Blitzkrieg 2 Liberation Review. By Mike Jennings on 13-Sep-07
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13 September 2007 16:06
Nice review. I haven't played Blitzkrieg 2, but I love my history. The gameplay sounds too tricky though - I had enough of a hard time with some of the Company of Heroes missions.

Still, sounds like they've done a good job of conveying WW2.

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13 September 2007 19:20
Excellent review, but man this sounds tough. I am actually a closet RTS wimp - even games like WC3 have me tearing my hair out - I just can't micromanage!

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19 September 2007 12:48
Yeah, it's a tough game, but one that rewards perseverance with it. But I do mean a lot of perseverance. Thanks for your compliments regarding the review, too.

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