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Project Gotham Racing 4 Interview
One of PGR4's biggest new features is an advanced dynamic weather system - can you elaborate just how much this will affect races?

Sure can! We have quite a few different types of weather in the game - rain, snow, fog, ice, storms, etc. - and all of these affect your vehicles dynamics in different ways. For example, driving on black ice is obviously much more treacherous than driving in clear conditions as you'd expect. As the weather is dynamic, the race might start in gentle snow but then progress to a full-blown blizzard by the third lap, or any combination like this.
Read the full article, Project Gotham Racing 4 Interview. By James Barlow on 10-Sep-07
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10 September 2007 23:04
Really looking forward to this game - PGR 3 was a classic that even non-racign fans I know have come to enjoy. This just seems to improve on it in every way - sweet!

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