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Attack on Pearl Harbor Review
The emphasis, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, is very much on pick-up-and-play fun. And, as far as these things go, Attack on Pearl Harbor is pretty solid. It’s not a game you’re likely to play for any length of time in one sitting, but dipping in every now and again for a dogfight is quite satisfying.
Read the full article, Attack on Pearl Harbor Review. By Craig Laycock on 21-Aug-07
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23 August 2007 00:05
Do you actually get to bomb stuff (like civilians! eek) or is it all polite dogfighting? Not my cup of tea really this genre - especially WW2 - but the review was entertaining nevertheless

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23 August 2007 02:38
Yeah, you can bomb stuff. Nothing exciting though, just the same old targets over and over again. Anti-air defences, ships and grounded planes. Blowing up a destroyer with torpedoes is pretty cool the first time you do it but after about the fifth or sixth almost identical mission it gets tedious.

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