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Loki Review
The game play itself is instantly familiar to anyone who's forayed into the genre before. Left click to move or smack a monster, right click to cast a spell or perform selected ability. One bar for health: top up with red potions if the beasts start smacking back. One bar for manna: top up with blue potions if you start loosing your mojo. Monsters will drop loot once in a while, which can either be equipped or sold back at the settlement for the shiny and better bit of kit. Given that this is all a tried and tested formula, the key is in the balance and any novel features.
Read the full article, Loki Review. By Duncan Lawson on 21-Aug-07
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23 August 2007 00:02
I'd be interested to see what you make of Titan Quest, which is imo, the true successor to Diablo 2. I'd be tempted to play a demo of this as I love the genre, thanks for the review Duncan.

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