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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Review
The underlying key to the tactical play is that all actions require recharging and cool-down periods. Movement is done in a series of linear thrusts that will leave your boat immobile for several second afterwards dependant on its specs and your upgrades. The same is true for firing any of the projectiles - the bigger and fancier it is, the longer it will take you to manufacture more, and likely the slower it will move as well.
Read the full article, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Review. By Duncan Lawson on 27-Aug-07
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10 September 2007 23:40
Finally got around to reading this - sounds quite fun, think I'll get this off Steam when I have some free time and give it a whirl. Thanks for the review,very informative and well written - as usual

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23 September 2007 14:18
Oh sir, spare my blushes. Tee hee.

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