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Sword of the New World: Granado Espada Review
The characters seem to be the result of what would happen if Pirates of the Caribbean had got into the teleporter pod and accidentally got spliced with Shakespeare in Love and a manga comic. My point character, a teenage kung-fu pirate princess in a microskirt and stockings squares up to an Elizabethan courtier with giant pantaloons, a ruff collar and a heavy pump shotgun. Flanking the main assault characters on either side is an elementalist wizard dressed like Davy Crocket, a fully decked out knight of the realm with twin high-calibre revolvers, and a little boy dressed in traditional Bavarian peasant clobber with a knife in each hand and murder in his eyes.
Read the full article, Sword of the New World: Granado Espada Review. By Duncan Lawson on 31-Jul-07
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31 July 2007 22:56
Superb review, but the lack of social aspects is a shame. I like the graphical style, and some of the ideas (mercenaries, for example). It's impossible to gauge anything about MMOs without playing them though, no matter what you read - possibly one to try if i get free time (so never)

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04 August 2007 13:14
Sounds good this game, i only read bits and pieces though Is there a monthly fee on this game or do you just buy the disc and play when ever you like? Also will you be able to play with someone thats on a different PC to you?

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07 August 2007 09:57
Looks like you will be able to log in from anywhere that has the cient installed. The game is free up to level 20 or so - which is a fair few hours of gameplay to get the feel of thewhole thing. After that you will have to stump up a fairly modest fee, in one of three different brackets that will get you different levels of support and freebies.

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24 August 2007 22:09
Theres not even the modest fee anymore, the game recently became free to play.

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24 August 2007 22:47
I may have a poke around then at some point

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