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Spaceforce: Rogue Universe Review
The story mode should be the driving force through the game, instead it feels like a tacked-on afterthought which completely fails to satisfy in any way, shape or form. The characterisation is probably the worst I have ever seen in a computer game and you don't feel a grain of empathy toward any of the characters. And as for cinematics, at one point near the start, the story is told via a voiceover while the camera stares at the dullest, most inactive space station you can possibly imagine for about a whole minute. Spielberg this ain't.
Read the full article, Spaceforce: Rogue Universe Review. By Craig Laycock on 24-Jul-07
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Posts: 6957
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24 July 2007 23:44
Pity, I like space games but they do need a decent back story, even if it's brief.

Posts: 185
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24 July 2007 23:46
Part of me hated pulling this game to bits, because you don't see games in this genre all that often anymore. The story was criminal in this game, sadly and even the free play mode was inferior to games that have been knocking about a few years. Shame. Hopefully the new wing commander game might redress the balance a bit.

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29 July 2007 23:08
Aye I really want a new game of this type, the new wing commander game you are talking about, do I presume it is not the one on xbox live ?

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