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Empire Earth II
Mad Doc threw a myriad of different options, strategies, units, buildings and technologies together into a single game and then allowed it to span more than 2000 years, they ended up with perhaps the most comprehensive strategy title ever made. Maybe there's just a little bit too much game here for most people though, it's quite honestly like 5 games in one and would probably take as long to master as five normal games, Empire Earth 2 certainly isn't deficient when it comes to value for money.
Read the full article, Empire Earth II. By Craig Dudley on 15-May-05
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15 May 2005 07:16
played the demo of this and really enjoyed it, but as craig said a totally immersive game which look lke it took yonks to complete and frankly i wouldnt have the time.

lol 3am mani deadline to meet

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15 May 2005 11:44
Hardest review I've done yet, most complex game though , by far.

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15 May 2005 22:57
looks like pro's outweight con's but for some reason i don't want to buy it? Very strange!

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