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FEAR Playstation 3 Review
Now after all that you're probably thinking why on earth did he moan about cross-platform porting and the PS3 version? Well I'm afraid while F.E.A.R as a game is amazing, the port to PS3 didn't go so well. To say this game doesn't look next gen would be an understatement.
Read the full article, FEAR Playstation 3 Review. By Scott Smith on 27-May-07
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27 May 2007 19:54
cool review, I played this on the PC when it came out, it is a very good game. SONY are a bit desperate to get any game onthe shelves and i think this is a casualty of that.

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29 May 2007 22:27
The 360 version was not bad as FPS go, luckily the game stands well on the strength of it's design. But it's pushing the boat a bit far now to prot it onto the PS3 imo

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