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ArmA: Armed Assault Review
Like any great simulator, it's hard and fiddly to control. Basic infantry controls cover a two-page spread of the manual, and incorporates just about every key on the keyboard. It allows for an effective level of control over your virtual soldier, but also makes basic tasks like radio communication somewhat of a chore.
Read the full article, ArmA: Armed Assault Review. By James Barlow on 09-Apr-07
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09 April 2007 21:24
Nice review.

What I love about ArmA and Flashpoint before it is the brilliant editor - it's so flexible and the community scene is thriving.

I held back on buying ArmA until I was sure the bugs were ironed out. My main fear was that Bohemia were going to have left it too long and the game was going to be outdated or rushed. But, no, it was great.

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10 April 2007 10:27
Very nice review Malis. I can't remember whether I have played the Original. Does this one have Network co-op play? I remember playing a game like this at a Lan which did have co-op. It was sooo much fun.

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22 April 2007 19:00
I played the co-op demoversion ,but could not get my FPS over 26 , fun game tho, a little like PRM IMO

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